Microsoft to re-brand Windows Virtual Desktop and add app-streaming option

July 30, 2021

Microsoft is re-branding Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to "Azure Virtual Desktop." At the same time, the company is introducing a new ISV/per-user pricing option and launching many new manageability and security features.

Azure based WVD enables users to virtualise their Windows desktop, Office apps, and other third-party applications by running them remotely in the cloud.

The most notable new feature is a new pricing option for application streaming. Microsoft is enabling customers and ISV's to use AVD to stream desktops and applications to users outside their own organisations. This will enable both IT departments and ISV's to use AVD as the underlying infrastructure for delivering apps as a service.

From July 14th to December 3131st, 2021, customers and ISV's can get this monthly-per-user option for no additional charge. Starting January 1st, 2022, this option will cost $5.50 per user per month for apps and $10 per user per month for apps plus desktop. This fee is for user-access rights only, customers will still be required to pay for the Azure compute, storage, and other services that power their apps.

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