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Empower your organisation with the full force of our solutions
Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud and Infrastructure

Moving to cloud is not just a nice-to-have upgrade from past data storage technology. It's the foundation for digital innovation, essential to any organisation wanting to embrace the future and succeed in a world driven by data, automation and AI-assisted decision making.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace not only improves employee productivity and satisfaction, it also creates more seamless collaboration and communication across environments and platforms while maintaining the integrity and security of company systems and data.

Contact Centre

Contact Centre

A modern contact centre is the 'front door' to a business, a communication hub managing all inbound and outbound customer interactions such as voice, social media, web, text, email and live chat. Implement a cloud-based solution now to outperform your competitors.



Safeguard your entire organisation with integrated security, compliance and identity solutions built to work across platforms and cloud environments. Prioritise the right risks with unified management tools created to maximise the human expertise inside your company.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Invest in a managed services solution to tackle existing labour constraints and prevent internal IT departments from always having to play catch-up. Managed services can help your business stay flexible when it comes to resources and accommodate swift, unanticipated changes.

Byte secure foundation

Secure Foundation

Byte takes security seriously. We build secure, compliant foundations into all our solutions, including advanced threat protection, protected backups, identity protection, device management and business critical networking.

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Byte is a Microsoft partner
Byte is a Telstra partner
Byte is a Genesys partner
Byte is a Citrix partner
Byte is a Paloalto partner
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Once you get going with Byte, the sky’s the limit

When the sky’s the limit, you need a partner who can make sure you keep evolving. That’s why we manage all our solutions end-to-end, continually optimising and proactively monitoring to make sure you’re always performing at your best.

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