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Byte are the experts in providing accountants with the best tools and support to modernise their firm. A lack of IT knowledge in the accounting space continues to hold firm growth. Most accountants want to spend their time on actual accounting tasks and not IT. That's where Byte can help.

54% unaware of an attack

According to a 2019 ACCA and CA ANZ survey, 54% of accountants surveyed were either not aware of a cyberattack on their organisation or denied that an attack had occurred. In just 8% of organisations, the CFO was responsible for cyber security.

$83.7k fallout

A 10-staff accounting firm paid $87,660 to recover from a ransomware attack after a staff member opened what they thought was an invoice. Costs including paying a ransom, IT forensics and re-building a new business system.

$250k malware attack

An Australian accounting firm paid $250,000 as a result of a malware attack. They paid ransom, IT forensics and suffered interruption to service. As with almost 100% of malware attacks, the indicent involved employee action or error.

Industries Accounting Overview

With legacy accounting applications, migration to cloud and keeping your clients data secure, accounting firms are struggling to differentiate in a modern world. How does a traditional accountant compete with a startup leveraging the latest SaaS software solutions? Byte has been working with the accounting industry for over 10 years and has built unmatched industry expertise.

IT strategy and solutions

  • Leagacy application hosting
  • Application modernisation
  • Cloud strategy and migration
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Identity and access management

Case Studies & Articles


Cloud and Infrastructure

Moving to cloud is not just a nice-to-have upgrade from past data storage technology. It's the foundation for digital innovation, essential to any organisation wanting to embrace the future and succeed in a world driven by data, automation and AI-assisted decision making.

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Managed Services

Invest in a managed services solution to tackle existing labour constraints and prevent internal IT departments from having to play catch-up. Managed services can help your business stay flexible when it comes to resources and accommodate swift, unanticipated changes.

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Modern Workplace

The modern workplace not only improves employee productivity and satisfaction, it also creates more seamless collaboration and communication across environments and platforms while maintaining the integrity and security of company systems and data.

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The Technology We Trust

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Byte is a Paloalto partner
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