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Not-for-profit organisations need a service provider who can leverage vendors for programs, discounts and resources as well as understand the dynamics of the not-for-profit sector. Byte has this experience and can deliver the advantages your organisation has access to.



Deliver better learning outcomes - Educators and IT administrators in K–12 need to integrate technology in ways that are meaningful and intentional, and all users are looking for technology that makes their lives easier. No longer dazzled by shiny, new ed tech, educators are seeking tools and learning models that are as impactful as they are sustainable

Industries Accounting

Industries Accounting

With legacy accounting applications, migration to cloud and keeping your clients data secure, accounting firms are struggling to differentiate in a modern world. How does a traditional accountant compete with a startup leveraging the latest SaaS software solutions? Byte has been working with the accounting industry for over 10 years and has built unmatched industry expertise.

Byte Secure Foundation

Secure Foundation

We take security seriously, building a secure, compliant foundation into all our solutions, including advanced threat protection, protected backups, identity protection, device management, and business critical networking.

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Byte is a Microsoft partner
Byte is a Telstra partner
Byte is a Genesys partner
Byte is a Citrix partner
Byte is a Paloalto partner
Byte is a Paloalto partner
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Once you get going with Byte the sky’s the limit

When the sky’s the limit, you need a partner who can make sure you keep evolving. That’s why we manage all our solutions end-to-end, continually optimising and proactively monitoring to make sure you’re always performing at your best.

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