Reimagining the
virtual workday.

How mass remote working can bring more humanity to our work.
See how to optimise work-from-home to help your teams work happily and flexibly, with security and privacy covered.
Have you noticed how people are different to employees?

Without the boundaries of a physical office, everything starts to get just a bit more personal. Our videochats get invaded by our kids (and our dogs). We expose our wilting houseplants and our piles of laundry. We see each other in our pajamas and yoga pants.
We all become less like employees - and more like people.
As we enter into challenging times and work becomes the thing that connects us, knowing how to get the best out of people will be essential to the wellbeing of not just your business, but the people who make it.

So make sure you do: embrace the human side of your business, with Byte.
the workday:
As companies work remotely en-masse,
how does the workday change?
Does it become a battle for productivity – or is it in fact an opportunity to embrace a different way of working altogether?
Indulge your
early birds...
and your
night owls.
Flexible working has been shown to make employees happier and more productive.
  • Set up a virtual workplace quickly and let your people choose how they will meet their deadlines.
  • Focus on the jobs to be done, rather than rigid hours of work.
  • Only pay for the compute capacity you use.
Access all the your business apps on any device, quickly and safely, with Windows Virtual Desktop to work anywhere effectively--especially from home.  
Understand that work
isn't always done
at a desk.
Multi-device working makes staying connected easier when other things pop up.
  • Give people the power to call
    securely, from whatever, wherever.
  • Make it easy for your clients to join your meeting from anything, anywhere.
If you need a new PBX system or want to make voice calls easier to manage with unlimited free calls from any device, including your personal mobile, we can help you with TCO365.
that work
is a social place.
Video meetings can be used for
more than just work – they’re also
a way to keep everyone connected
and healthy in testing times.
Microsoft Teams is stuffed full of handy features to help you keep your teams connected – from informal chats to collaborative channels and easy-to-use video conferencing.
Harness the creativity of community.
Collaboration tools can be used to keep people involved and keep the energy flowing whenever slumps occur.
  • Use shared documents or chats
    for quick collabs and ideas.
  • Set up a chat channel for sharing
    news, ideas and inspiration.
  • Keep collaboration simple by creating the right channels for the right people and information, to make sure confidential data stays that way.
Research & Ideas
James Owlando
Any of you birds got weekend ideas?
Owlivia Kapoor
Staring out of the window thinking how it was to fly out in the open :(
Birdy Johnson
Don't be sad my dear colleagues. Here's a cooking video of a couple of my signature dishes. :D
Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform for easy collaboration. Share documents and links, create shared spaces and kick-off spontaneous meetings to talk through your best ideas.
Make IT 
your invisible hero.
Use an intelligent platform to manage IT securely and efficiently across your workplace and every device.
  • Enforce cyber security in your workplace simply.
  • Protect business reputation and revenue.
  • Protect your user’s identity.
We help you protect your intellectual property and customer data, using the advanced security features of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 to create a Secure Workplace.
At Byte, we know how important it is to keep the community feel and bring people together during these challenging times.

With more than 20 years in business, we’re passionate about using people-driven technology to create effective modern workplace environments to support the people of companies big and small.

If you want to keep your work community close, despite the distance, speak to Byte to get a free Digital Workplace assessment.
Yes, please contact me for a free Digital Workplace Assessment.

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