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ME Bank Unified Communications

ME Bank’s existing voice solution (UC & CC) had been built primarily using Cisco Version 8.0 components that have reached end of life and ran out of extended support in April 2015 and was unable to leverage new features and functionality on the Cisco Version 8 platform, not meeting the bank's requirements.


A complete guide to protecting your business from cyber protecting threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise among Australian organisations. The average cost of a cybercrime attack is around $276,0001, in addition to reputation damage which has a significant impact on the bottom line and future viability of the business.


Vemco Managed Services

Vemco’s large remote workforce outgrew their current infrastructure and they needed to transform their IT strategy to stay competitive. Byte’s Managed Services solution improved the entire IT operation, delivering reduced IT overheads so Vemco could focus on its core business functions. Since the transition, Vemco’s IT department has focused on transforming the experience it offers to its customers and its people.

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