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April 15, 2021
Paul Crump
Customer Service

We have seen some of the most significant digital transformations in history following a year of major business disruption. Industries and organisations have faced government lockdowns, working remotely, and interrupted supply chains, requiring some companies to adopt new technologies to facilitate changing working practises.While 2020 brought about many changes, this was never more felt than in organisations servicing customers through contact centres. These teams faced a massive learning curve in predicting the unpredictable and planning for an uncertain future, all while trying to maintain levels of customer service.These teams also needed to continue serving customers who faced challenges on their own, and all interactions moved towards mobile and cloud-based applications.These changes will continue to impact the way contact centres work in 2021 and beyond. There has been a significant shift in how contact centres are managed and how agents are responding to changing customer behaviours and needs.Creating flexibility for organisations with contact centresByte is working with organisations that have implemented both on premises and cloud-based contact centre technologies to empower their agents. Organisations such as ANZ Bank, ME Bank and Red Energy have sought Byte's expertise in customer experience (CX) technologies to transform contact centre operations and provide customers with the service they expect.Customer expectations are now higher than ever, and any interaction needs to support an omnichannel approach - through phone, chat, email, social or others.As we move forward with our "new normal", customers will continue to expect great experiences and a greater understanding of where they are on their journey.Byte is here to help organisations that rely on customer service teams to bridge the gap between the customer expectations and their contact centre capabilities.Providing a vendor-agnostic approachByte partners with Microsoft, Telstra, Genesys and NICE to bring technologies together with our deep expertise in government, utilities, energy, and banking & financial services' needs. We have the knowledge, experience, foresight, and IP to craft a contact centre offering that is right for you.Power deeply connected, meaningful experiencesImagine a new world where contact centres run so smoothly that customers feel satisfied after every interaction - a world where employees are excited to go to work or work from home each day.Byte facilitates technical solutions that make this possible. We help businesses implement easy, all-in-one contact centre solutions that deliver seamless customer experiences.

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