Chemist Warehouse delights customers, powered by Genesys Cloud and Webforms

April 29, 2021
Paul Crump

Iconic Australian pharmacy chain Chemist Warehouse had a common customer experience challenge - the company needed to ramp up customer experience and reduce its staff frustrations with outdated systems. Bogged down in expensive admin and recognising that current customer experiences were damaging the business, Chemist Warehouse realised that a step change in technology was required. Byte has helped streamline process, improve staff productivity, and provide customers a better experience.

One of the biggest concerns for a contact centre is effective use of staff time to resolve any customer issues while providing excellent customer service. Increasingly, customers expect to deal with organisations through multiple channels of communication such as email, chat, Twitter, and many others. With this increased variety of contact options, achieving a high "First Call Resolution" - the gold standard for customer service - is proving to be a challenge.

With the move to online, customers want to be able to contact organisations quickly and efficiently, and one underused but highly practical solution is webforms. The prime advantage of webforms is being able to understand the exact nature of the enquiry using simply qualification questions to zone into the actual reason for the enquiry, rather than a vague idea of the actual enquiry, rather than free form text.

Reducing complexity by integrating Webforms with Genesys Cloud
Webforms have been used in customer service for some time but integrating these with the power of Genesys Cloud enables a truly versatile solution to address communication bottlenecks, which works by providing a rapid outline of the customer problem and a high rate of near-instantaneous resolution.

Genesys Cloud offers strong and tight integration to several Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs), with the potential to achieve complete integrations in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Genesys Cloud with Webforms
Imagine a scenario where a Chemist Warehouse customer wants to understand the status of an order. Previously, the customer would either email or call to find out the status of the order.

Calls would arrive on an old ring group, whereas emails came through a separate system into Outlook directly to staff's email addresses. Webform enquiries were dealt via a different system again. There was no single source of truth or grouping of any of the customer interactions across any of these platforms.

By providing Webforms with focused options to focus on the reason for the customer enquiry, coupled with a tight CRM integration in the backend, the answer can now be instantly provided via an email to the customer.

One goal is to have all of this completed without any agent involvement. The customer will be provided with the right status of an order as an email once a webform with the relevant details is submitted. Automatic case creation leaves an audit trail and visibility to the customer about the case and auto updates on the case can also be set up, drastically reducing queue volumes.

By implementing Integrated Webforms with Genesys Cloud, Chemist Warehouse was able to:
• reduce handling and customer response time;
• automate case closure and re-opening as well as prioritisation; and
• achieve a single 360 degree customer view

How Byte helped Chemist Warehouse improve customer response time
Chemist Warehouse had already moved to Azure and Dynamics but needed Byte to build the customer facing touch point integrations with a Dynamics backend.

The customer was using Genesys Contact Centre and webforms. Byte's technical experts were able to streamline, enable, and leverage email, voice, and chat to unblock customer service bottlenecks and integrate into Dynamics CRM.

In this way, Byte designed a cloud integration feature, a single platform where calls, emails, and webform enquiries are handled. Single platform on Cloud with multiple channels tightly integrated with a Dynamics 365 cloud.

The solution includes smart business rules built around case creation, case re-opening and case closure with the single focus on reducing handling time and improving customer response time.

Cases are now automatically closed, higher priority cases are dealt with first, and cases are re-opened automatically when the customer responds back within 7 days.

The Secret behind Byte's Special Sauce. Our expertise in the contact centre space with a focus on improving customer experience journeys across industries. We focus on building better customer experiences through solution design.

"Byte's advice and guidance has been invaluable" - Saxon Fletcher, E-Commerce Operations and Customer Service Manager, Chemist Warehouse

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