Best Practice Security Measures for Remote Work

March 23, 2021
Pouya Koushandehfar

The global pandemic has forced many organisations to adapt quickly and accelerate digital transformation to enable employees to work from home. This trend is likely to continue with more companies, large and small, embracing a hybrid workforce model. Consequently, this new way of working highlights the need for greater scrutiny over data access and security, and the urgent adoption of best practice security measures for remote work.The approach should consider key digital components such as user identities, devices, data, applications, network and infrastructure. As the security landscape continues to evolve, a security strategy should consider multiple factors or criteria that grant remote users conditional access to business applications and information. For example, if an employee is connecting from home using their own personal device,  the best practice security measure in this scenario is to disallow access to business applications, such as the CRM or the employee database which holds sensitive or confidential information, regardless of that person’s administrative privileges.

12 security practices that minimise cyber security risk associated with remote work

  1. Restrict administrative privileges for remote access using the principles of a just-in-time and just-enough access
  2. Manage company and personal devices (Bring-Your-Own-Device) from the cloud.
  3. Define conditional access policies for your business.
  4. Protect against phishing attacks
  5. Protect your devices against advanced threats.
  6. Protect your user identities
  7. Control and manage the use of cloud resources and applications.
  8. Use VPN for secure web browsing and remote network access.
  9. Update your software and operating systems to combat the latest cybersecurity threats.
  10. Avoid public Wi-Fi as it increases exposure to cyber threats.
  11. Implement education programs to raise the security awareness of employees.
  12. Use continuous security monitoring with advanced technologies.

What are the best security solutions for secure remote work?

As security attacks are constantly evolving with greater sophistication, businesses need to use advanced security solutions that use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to detect threats proactively and protect their business with up-to-date security controls.Microsoft security solutions paired with Byte’s Secure Workplace and Secure Managed Services can address several aspects of business security posture. So, we can help you to educate, detect, protect, analyse, and mitigate risks and threats against your remote workforce.Talk to us to find out how to protect your business with Byte’s Secure Workplace Solution and Secure Managed Services.

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