Benefits of using speech recognition in contact centres

July 20, 2021
Joel Graham
Contact Centre
Customer Service

Think about the last time you contacted customer service for help. Do you hesitate before you contacted them, recalling what your experience was like last time?

For most customer service situations – particularly those requiring assistance, empathy and decision making – consumers still prefer to speak to a person. These human-to-human interactions are critical to your brand and customer retention.

Also, buried within these conversations is a rich source of insights available in the call data. Analysis of these calls can reveal customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance, upsell opportunities, campaign effectiveness, and more. So, how can companies obtain all that information from call transcripts easily and cost effectively?

Using technology that provides speech analysis can provide these insights from customer feedback provided in calls to contact centre staff, as well as their overall sentiment. There have been great advancements made in speech analytics technology, with functionality that solves the constantly expanding need for companies to transcribe and analyse voice data.

Six Benefits of Speech Analytics

  1. Provides insights to reduce customer churn – increasing satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  2. Reduces costs and increases productivity by providing tools to –coach staff and outline exception management
  3. Improves regulatory compliance by adding a way to monitor and reduce risk
  4. Improves agent performance and goal attainment through performance and coaching
  5. Improves staff retention by reducing  employee turnover due to poor feedback and staff development opportunities
  6. Increases quality coverage and sample rates by providing automated assessments to acknowledge those meeting expectations and managing the exceptions.

How Does It Work?

Speech analysis starts by taking the recorded voice interactions and processing them through a natural language recognition engine, then the calls are transcribed and analysed. This can also be done with text-based interactions, such as chat or email, where the data is ingested and analysed.

Diving a little deeper, the interactions are then processed and analysed using sophisticated AI modelling, natural language understanding, and acoustic modelling to develop transcriptions and analyse voice metrics, such as call length, talk rate, overtalk, silence, energy level, and more.

The business can then use these transcripts to perform keyword analysis to understand customer sentiment, make assessments on the quality of customer interactions and engagements and provides a way to review compliance measures.

What you need and where to get help

To make use of this capability, you will need good quality call recordings, a cloud-based speech analytics vendor and a trusted service provider.

This is where Byte can help, with our extensive experience in digital customer experience services and industry relationships with some of the best vendors in the business, we stand ready to help your business extract truly valuable insights from your contact centre interactions.

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