Behind the Scenes: Meet the Byte Team vol. 1

February 18, 2021

Byte sees its people as its most important asset. We decided to start #behindthescences conversations with our team members and asked them to reflect on their experience working for Byte, industry trends, and little glimpses of their everyday life. Meet Paul Wegner, our Head of Managed Services. We talked to Paul about who Paul is when he is not Head of Managed Services, challenges in his day-to-day work, and the art of building meaningful relationships as a recipe for a successful business and happy life.What does it mean to be the Head of Managed Services for Byte?As the Head of Managed Services for Byte, I am given the opportunity to own a portfolio of solutions that turn traditional IT Managed Services that were once focused on "keeping the lights on" to a people-driven technology approach, meaning empowering organisations and their people to do bigger and better things whilst increasing productivity through enhancing the user experience and placing emphasis on the services that keep the business running.What are the biggest challenges in the MS space right now?As a customer and consumer of many products and services throughout my life, I have experienced the struggles and successes of dealing with vendors, suppliers and service providers. It's these experiences that I've embraced alongside my career of over 20 years in delivering IT services that brings an appreciation to the challenges that many organisations are faced with when consuming IT services - challenges such as User Experience, Service Availability and Performance.In your opinion, what are the most efficient ways to deal with them?The foundation of success stems from building and leveraging strong and trusting relationships with my team and customers, as I've learnt through my personal experiences of raising a large blended family of 6 children. Nurturing them, having empathy, and guiding them along their journey regardless of the obstacles or uncertainties that lie ahead contributes to strengthening the bond and building trust.So who is Paul when he’s not the Head of Managed Services?When I'm not working, my time is devoted to my family and building life experiences together. I am an avid fan of collecting Lego which is something I can share with all of my children. Seeing them turn their imagination into their own creative world inspires me.Whilst we have all struggled with the challenges of COVID-19 throughout 2020, I saw it as an opportunity to reconnect with my family and enjoy some of the pastimes that I experienced when I was younger. With my older children, it was revisiting movies and television series such as the classic "Arnie" movies from the 80's, or TV series such as "Lost" and "Heroes" from the early 00's that came just before or at the beginning of the "streaming" era. With my younger children, it was all about introducing them to board games that I would play with my siblings when I was younger such as "Game of Life" or "Monopoly", and seeing them experience the same emotions that I recalled from my childhood.Whether it is spending time with a child, or spending time with a customer, the dynamic of your engagement and the tone of behaviour will define the success of the relationship.

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