Behind the Scenes: Meet the Byte Team vol. 2

February 25, 2021
Marta Novovic-Mlinaric
Working for Byte

Meet Push Das, our new Head of People&Culture.We talked to Push about her decision to join Byte and the reasons for choosing a career in the People & Culture space.

Why have you decided to join Byte?

It was an easy decision. Byte stood out for me as its values very closely aligns with mine. I wanted to work in a progressive organisation that not only holds its people accountable but empowers them to deliver their best every day.Byte invests in listening to their people, acting on their feedback, and contributing towards their learning and development. And that is exactly why I'm proud to be part of Byte's Leadership team.

What do you like most about your role?

I love everything about people & culture. But if I must choose, I will say supporting people and being part of their success journey, is something that I like the most. I see people within the business as my customers, and they are at the centre of everything that I do.I always think how can I add value to the people and the organisation I work for. Whether if it's supporting a new starter in the day-to-day work, or helping the manager prep for a difficult conversation, or implementing a people & culture initiative I try to cater to the teams' needs.

So, it has been few days that you joined, what is the one thing that you like about Byte?

I would say the people at Byte. I have felt very welcomed here at Byte, people are approachable, happy to help and there is no hierarchy of any sorts.

A little bit about yourself?

I originate from India and have been in Australia for over 6 years. I am in love with the diverse culture and amazing people that one gets to see here. I am a crazy food lover and enjoy meeting people and having a good laugh!

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