Professional Services

Whether you’re beginning a digital transformation or initiating specific projects, our experienced team of architects, designers, and engineers are able to provide the specialised consultation you require.

Our professional services engagements help you free up vital resources for larger priorities; we drive projects to completion while also supplementing your wider team with domain expertise.

Byte’s portfolio of services includes:

Our experts work with your business to understand business objectives and your digital strategy. We provide architecture and migration guidance to design your digital foundation and plan your digital roadmap.
Our experienced consultants will work with your business to analyse, plan and carry out migration activities leveraging our best practices and industry leading tools.
We build and deploy your new digital and infrastructure services, taking complete ownership of all project activities. Our flexibility allows us to work with your business in a number of ways depending on project methodology and integration into wider projects or programs.
Technology enablement is only the first step. Ensuring user adoption and empowering individuals to extract value from your technology investments is critical to any digital transformation journey. We establish adoption and change management strategies with our customers to ensure the solutions we deploy focus on long-term value for your business.

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Protect Your Data With Azure Rights Management Services

Information is one of the most valuable assets any organisation can consider an important factor of a business goals and growth. Due to this, its integrity and confidentiality can have a direct effect on day-to-day business life, and can cause irreversible damage if it is disclosed or breached.Nowadays, various tech companies release applications and algorithms to encrypt data, and ensure they can provide powerful methods to lock down access to sensitive...

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Save time with Powershell and Azure automation

Let’s imagine for a moment, that you work for a big multinational company, and need to produce reports of allocated Office 365 licenses; organised per user, per product and distributed across different business units for cost management, on a monthly basis. You might say it’s pretty easy to do. “Just export the list of active users from Office 365 Admin portal, make it pretty and send to interested parties!” we hear you cry - and you’d almost be right....

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Backup and DR in the time of hybrid clouds (the Microsoft way)

Everybody knows how important backup is in today’s world, from your business and company data to your personal data, your contacts, emails, your holiday photos, even those secret grandma’s recipes. Backing up your personal data is a cheap and easy task nowadays, because cloud storage providers are competing to attract customers and so are constantly increasing their free and entry level offerings. It gets a bit trickier when it comes to protecting your...

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Backup and DR in the Time of Hybrid Clouds (The Microsoft Way): Part Two

Part One: Azure Backup Server Part Two: Azure Site Recovery At last, the long awaited (and long overdue) second part of the series is in front of you. Today, I’ll cover Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Microsoft’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering, basics and how it can help you protect your data by creating replica of your production workloads, whether they are virtual or physical, running on Hyper-V or VMware, or even running in Azure (in case...

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Office 365 and Azure RMS – Part 1

Following the previous post about Azure RMS and how organisations can have another layer of security over their sensitive and confidential data (Protect your data with Azure Right Management Services), this post will focus on how Office 365 services can take advantage of this security service. Before going into details, you should know that Azure RMS is available for those organisations using Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3 or E5) subscriptions. In...

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How Technology is Changing the Role of IT Service Providers

Every customer who has chosen to go down the digital transformation path is expecting the same level of transformation from the support they receive. Providing technical support to end-users has come a long way – helping users to set up a PC and installing an application, to using modern engineering principles to better achieve work efficiency is simpler than ever. IT support has spent a long time adapting and focusing on processes and policies to help...

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Windows Update Delivery Optimisation

Introduction Windows Updates have always been a priority for Systems Administrators. Ensuring these updates are automatically installed on workstations has been pretty straight-forward in an Active Directory domain, by utilising Group Policy configurations. The issue arises for users when an update is downloaded during business hours, and floods the site network link. Windows 10 has even introduced larger-sized updates in the form of versions; for...

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People Are at the Heart of Byte’s Success

This year, award-winning IT company Byte celebrates its 25th birthday. Executive Director and Founder Robert (Ramin) Roshan—who came to Australia as a refugee—shares how he created a successful digital technology company from scratch.  ‘I always wanted to build something,’ says Robert, of his decision to start Byte. ‘And I wanted that to be a team effort. There’s a joy in coming together, striving towards a shared purpose.’ A firm believer in the...

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Byte Wins Innovation Award at ScienceLogic Symposium

Byte is proud to have been named the winner of the prestigious Innovative Uses for ScienceLogic award. This is one of three awards announced at the ScienceLogic Symposium in Washington DC this month recognizing and celebrating top IT organisations displaying exceptional innovation, leadership, and collaboration incorporating ScienceLogic technologies. Byte was awarded for “Outstanding Product Integration”."Byte was selected as one of our 3 ‘Innovation...

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Evolve or Dissolve!

Swift acceleration of technology and innovations. Omnipresent desire for market disruption. Ever-growing customer demands. All of these themes and trends are feeding the complex, versatile trend called digital transformation. As an executive in the technology service field I constantly reflect on the relevance of the term ‘Digital transformation' to what we do (and how it helps our customers)!? So, how can we leverage the innovations of digital...

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Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

True Customer Service - Just people looking after people "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." Michael LeBoeuf I am sure we have all read many articles on how to deliver good customer service, or how to build a customer centric focus to your offering/services.    But when I think of “Customer Centricity” I like to walk the talk and think of what it means to ME as a consumer.  Fortunately, that style of empathy has always been...

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